I Will If You Will


Woman with so much on your plate, I see you.

Because while your journey may not run parallel to mine, I know how heavy the burden gets.

We are

…running a household, maybe with a helpful partner, maybe without one at all. Either way, sometimes even just remembering to get the trash out to the curb on the right day feels too consuming a task.

…working, maybe full-time, maybe through “hobbies” or “side gigs,” maybe both all at once, sometimes feeling the strain of keeping that routine steady and successful without overload.

…raising kids who can challenge us, regardless of how those individual challenges manifest—often while battling and countering an abusive coparent.

…trying to honor healthy relationships, while also honoring what we must do for ourselves.

…devoting ourselves to volunteer commitments we love but maybe stretch too thin for.

…learning patterns so that we can break the cycles and work through healing.

…fighting loneliness and sorrow on the days we just don’t feel like we can be strong anymore.

I see you, and hopefully you see me.

Maybe understanding that we’re in this together, shouldering the same weight, will help us stand taller and keep going.

I will if you will.

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