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Janna analyzes topics related to abuse, psychology, and the empowerment of women.
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Widow Misses Dead Abuser

WHEN YOUR ABUSER DIES | It was a long marriage that included physical violence, infidelity, and financial abuse — along with the standard psychological tactics, like love bombing, gaslighting, and manipulation. So given everything her husband put her through, and the destructive aftermath he’s responsible for, Wondering Widow has one question. “Why do I miss him?” ButContinue reading “Widow Misses Dead Abuser”


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“I appreciate Janna so much! She literally helped me breathe again.” — Tiffany, Tennessee

“If you’re an abuse survivor, Janna’s caring and compassionate approach is exactly what you need on your path toward healing. She’s also a survivor of domestic abuse, and she understands how incredibly difficult it can be to find your way back to a place of safety. Janna will listen—really listen—to your story without judgment or condemnation, and will give you the tools and techniques necessary to navigate your recovery. I trust her implicitly.” — Melissa from Nebraska


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