Life is Cyclical

One day you’re a newly divorced single mom living in a crappy low-income apartment with no washer/dryer hookups, schlepping as infrequently as possible to the local laundromat to clean everything, in big loads, for your family of three. It’s an awful, detestable chore you loathe when you’re already feeling the weight of the world—in work, finances, home, parenting, court, trauma, self, starting over, motivation, hope, anger, and on and on…

Then suddenly it’s a different day — years later, so many experiences later — and looky here. You find yourself at the laundromat after a long hiatus, because your washing machine at home has broken down.

You’re not the same person anymore but oh, how easily you remember the you of yesterday. All those feelings and challenges — all those chores of mind and body — circle back as if no time has passed, as if life isn’t vastly different and balanced and happy.

But that’s exactly what the cycles and patterns and returns are for.

To show you how far you’ve come.

(Even though you still loathe the laundromat.)

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