Why is Money So Important to My Abuser?

THE TRUTH BEHIND FINANCIAL ABUSE | Samantha has started seeing the patterns when it comes to money. “He spends freely on himself, like on his toys and fun stuff and trips with the guys, but if I spend money — even on household needs — I get chastised like I’m a child. Like I haveContinue reading “Why is Money So Important to My Abuser?”

What to Do When Your Friend or Loved One Confides About Abuse

MY FRIEND NEEDS TO LEAVE HER ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP | Landen G. recently reached out to ask how to support a good friend who admits that her partner is abusive. [Statements edited slightly for flow.] “How do I encourage her to seek help?” LG asks. “I really want to find the bastard who’s hurting her, butContinue reading “What to Do When Your Friend or Loved One Confides About Abuse”

Facing Triggers from Your Past

SOMETIMES THE ABUSE OF YESTERDAY WANTS TO VISIT TODAY | It’s been years since Mocha Girl ended the relationship that was so hurtful for her. She’s married to a good man now and they’re happy. So what’s with the triggers? In her own words: “I had a seven year relationship that wasn’t romantic but wasContinue reading “Facing Triggers from Your Past”

Survivor Healing Cannot Begin with the Abuser at the Helm

UNITY FOLLOWING ABUSE IS NOT POSSIBLE | When a woman leaves her abusive partner — that is, truly leaves after however many prior attempts, and has finally made it clear she will not return to the relationship — he will try, with his arsenal of tactics, to shift what was labeled “romantic” into a friendship.Continue reading “Survivor Healing Cannot Begin with the Abuser at the Helm”

Widow Misses Dead Abuser

WHEN YOUR ABUSER DIES | It was a long marriage that included physical violence, infidelity, and financial abuse — along with the standard psychological tactics, like love bombing, gaslighting, and manipulation. So given everything her husband put her through, and the destructive aftermath he’s responsible for, Wondering Widow has one question. “Why do I miss him?” ButContinue reading “Widow Misses Dead Abuser”

The Old Me Would Have Been a Trump Supporter

MINDSET THAT LEADS TO TRUMPISM | And why I cannot accept a world where Trump reigns [As published on Medium… full essay linked below the excerpt.] As we near the end of Donald Trump’s single-term presidency, only one thing is more clear to me than how much I detest all he represents. It’s the factContinue reading “The Old Me Would Have Been a Trump Supporter”

Caseworker Mistreatment

A DV CASEWORKER MISTREATS A CLIENT | Mama M from Kentucky says, “My question is in regard to staying in a domestic violence shelter. What do you do when you’re mistreated by one of the caseworkers? They mocked me and played psychological warfare to just get rid of me. Management was on their employee’s side,Continue reading “Caseworker Mistreatment”

Knowledge is POWER. The Breaking the Silence for Women book drive was launched to purchase and provide powerful books about the truths of domestic abuse (and related empowering topics) to local churches, women’s centers, schools, and individual survivors who seek understanding and guidance. Current reach includes interstate gifting to individual survivors, church and high schoolContinue reading