My name is Janna Leadbetter.

I’m a single mom with two super cool kids, one of whom is in college, and the other an upperclassman in high school. I love books, strong coffee and cute mugs, light beer in a bottle, thrift stores, boho vibes, feminism, and authentic people. I am an autodidact, quintessential introvert, and homebody, and I thrive through solitude. I’m an LGBTQ ally and advocate for women.

You may know me as the founder of Breaking the Silence for Women, my platform of education and empowerment for survivors of domestic abuse.

You may not know that I divorced my abuser at the age of 32 in 2011. Since then my own journey has evolved into advocacy for women, for which my areas of focus include situation analysis, victim and predator patterns, abuse tactics, approaches to healing, dating after domestic abuse, coparenting and single parenting, job readiness and change, and the personal transformation which follows starting over.

I’m here to help you discover which part of the journey you’re on, and then apply everything I’ve learned — using personal anecdotes, original exercises with tools I’ve designed, and one-on-one support — to get you where you want to be.

I’m also available for freelance writing, editing, PR, design, and more. If it’s creative, and anywhere in the realm of communications, I’m interested. (The one exception that comes to mind is grant writing.) And I’m only an email away.

Use to reach out to me.

Yours in health, healing, and happiness. Because that’s what we deserve.


“As our friendship has grown over the years, I’ve witnessed extraordinary strength, perseverance,
and growth in Janna — personally and professionally. Her heart is laser-focused on being
an advocate for women. She is clearly a Woman, Determined… and she is amazing!”

Theresa Hamilton, pastor, writer, & curator of hope at Devotionals for Women

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