My name is Janna Leadbetter.

You may know me as the founder of Breaking the Silence for Women, my platform of education and empowerment for survivors of domestic abuse.

You may not know that I divorced my abuser at the age of 32 in 2011. Since then my own journey has included:

  • education about the narcissistic abuse I was a victim of, and which is so prevalent in our society today
  • reconciling that truth with the confusing and hurtful life I lived for more than 12 years
  • unbecoming victim me and figuring out the real me
  • dating, and countless lessons about that challenge after abuse
  • teaching myself about boundaries, and how to own them, and that it’s good to have standards
  • realizing my self-worth for the first time ever, and working to understand what healthy confidence looks like then master it
  • reestablishing a life on my own—as a single mom of two—plus learning independence, also for the first time ever
  • and applying every bit of this toward the foundation I’m building to help women just like me

I’m here to help you discover which part of the journey you’re on, and then apply everything I’ve learned — using personal anecdotes, original exercises with tools I’ve designed, and one-on-one support — to get you where you want to be.

We’re in this together, because you’re not alone in the abuse you endured, and you don’t have to be alone as you learn how to embrace a life free from abuse.

Use janna@womandetermined.com to reach out to me.

Yours in health, healing, and happiness. Because that’s what we deserve.


“As our friendship has grown over the years, I’ve witnessed extraordinary strength, perseverance,
and growth in Janna — personally and professionally. Her heart is laser-focused on being
an advocate for women. She is clearly a Woman, Determined… and she is amazing!”

Theresa Hamilton, pastor, writer, & curator of hope at Devotionals for Women

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