A Promise for Me and You

Just promise you won’t forget how amazing you are.

When it feels like no one is in your corner, that no one is rallying, no one is standing by to throw you a life raft. It’s just you and your tried-and-true sink-or-swim determination. You are amazing.

When the lessons are tough and double-stacked, and you can’t figure out why but it doesn’t mean you’ll give up; you’ll keep going like always. You are amazing.

When others place you under attack, real or false, remember how many wars you’ve already been through. Fought and won, or simply learned and grown from. You are amazing.

(For years my mantra has been, “I’ve been through worse.” It doesn’t minimize the new challenges, but it balances perspective — and my strength — over the breadth of them all.)

When new stresses arise and you can’t establish direction, don’t forget how many times you have already found your way. 100% success rate. You are amazing.

But, maybe especially,

when you pause long enough to realize life has been clipping along with grace and ease, somehow, because you’ve settled into a sweet spot that’s made it easy to forget how frequently and thoroughly you used to struggle. How many times you’ve come out okay. (Sometimes more than okay.) And how fabulously you’ve changed.

You’ve come a long way, baby.

And you are amazing.

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