What You Sacrifice to Find Yourself

You’ll lose people along your journey.

Sometimes it’s because they enable the one who abused you, therefore you cannot maintain connection with them.

Sometimes it’s because they believe the lies and rumors, the smear campaign about you, and forsake their connection to you.

Sometimes it’s because the you you’re becoming after abuse, through healing, doesn’t match up with who they want you to be for their comfort.

Sometimes it’s because you’re putting a lot into waking up and they don’t want to be “woke” with you. It’s easier not to be awake.

Sometimes it’s because, while they wish you no harm, you’ve grown apart.

Sometimes it’s because they’ve pissed you off and you’re finally to a point past people-pleasing, or keeping them around just because it’s “the right thing to do” and you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so you place proper boundaries, discard, block, etc.

Yes, you’ll lose people along your journey, but it’s no negative reflection on you.

We grow beyond the people who aren’t capable of growth alongside us.

As we wake to patterns, we learn we have to break those patterns, which sometimes means we can’t keep certain people within reach.

Others, especially as we find our true selves, aren’t worth our orbit. Others yet never were, and it takes our waking to see this.

Keep waking. Keep growing. Keep seeing the patterns, and keep fixing them.

It’s okay to lose people along the way.

If that’s the sacrifice for finally, ultimately, finding yourself, it’s worth it.

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