No Formal Education Needed to Survive and Thrive

I don’t have any degrees. I’ve no formal education.

Oh, I had a plan for college. Took some early classes that didn’t go anywhere. Dreamed of this career or that and had a fuzzy view of the future for myself but then, simply put, my abuser swept in and swept me from whatever grounding I had. Soon enough, I let him get in the way of what I should have done for myself all those years ago.

This may be familiar to some of you, too, how we subconsciously sacrificed our greater priorities and let someone else take the wheel to drive our life.

If I have a regret, it is that.

I’m not trained or licensed in psychology or therapeutic approaches, or anything that weaves in and out of my content, all my supportive coaching. I feel like you deserve that disclaimer.

What I know is from broken-down, gut-levelling experience and the deep diving I’ve done — 10 years’ worth — to understand what I went through and why.

What I know is what I share here for you, and it’s based on hard-won first-person perspective. Oh, have I earned it.

So what I’m saying is, my credentials are in life studies.

I think they’re more valid and valuable for me, and hopefully more authentic for you as I share, more than anything formal I could have done way back when.

We don’t gain wisdom from a classroom.

The journey in hurting and healing doesn’t require (or produce) a certificate of completion.

I’ve sacrificed a lot.

But I’ve also learned more than I ever could have imagined.

Tell me your thoughts:

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