What to Say to Yourself

Because your abuser never did

Things your abuser should have said to you, and meant with every fiber, include:

* You’re beautiful.

* Thank you for everything you do.

* How can I help you today?

* You’re talented.

* I love your eyes/hair/caboose/brain/fashion sense/etc.

* You have a sweet soul.

* I like the way you look at things.

* I’m sorry I didn’t do what you asked.

* What do YOU want?

* How do you feel today?

* My favorite thing about you is ___________.

* You have the BEST ___________.

* You make me laugh!

* I’m so lucky to have you.

* Can you teach me how to __________?

* You’re really good at ___________.

* I’m here for you.

* I adore you.

* You’re so smart.

* I can’t believe you’re mine.

* I have a [good/positive/well-planned/caring] surprise for you.

* I’m sorry I hurt you.

* I love to watch you _________.

* You’re an awesome mom.

* You have such a big heart.

* People are lucky to know you.

* You deserve a break.

* I love you.

Things your abuser should have said to you

are things you can and should say to yourself, and mean with every fiber,

now. Today.

Every day.

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