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Tattered Hearts and Their Repairers

My best friend collects heart-shaped rocks. I’m not sure you would believe the sheer amount and variety her devotion has rendered. It’s impressive, and makes one want to start their own collection. She gave me this one. Can you guess why by the visual?… Continue Reading “Tattered Hearts and Their Repairers”

What’s Not Okay

It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re doing. What’s not okay is anyone in your support system making you feel bad about it. It’s okay if others want to help you. What’s not okay is for them to take control the way your… Continue Reading “What’s Not Okay”

Shaming Another Abuse Survivor Does Not Help Your Journey

No, no, no. Ladies, how are you gonna be out there living a survivor’s life and still find a way to shame your fellow survivors? I’ve got a post over on Facebook in Pantsuit Nation x Supermajority. It’s (loosely) about my years-long journey of… Continue Reading “Shaming Another Abuse Survivor Does Not Help Your Journey”