Published Work

Click on my Empowerment Blog here on this website, or visit my platform of education and empowerment for survivors of domestic abuse, to read my frequent essays and stories of support.

Sometimes I write on Medium. You can find my profile and published pieces HERE.

Scary Mommy published my essay, Someone Else’s Gender Identity Isn’t About You, in November of 2019. It was well received and went viral with thousands of shares on Facebook alone. It’s an important piece of which I’m extremely proud.

Scary Mommy has since published my second trans ally essay (February 2020), If My Transgender Son Will Tell People.

If you went looking for it, you’d find lots of content at my old blog, Something She Wrote, which was established in 2007. The writing there garnered a literary agent’s interest in my second novel, after my first had been rejected by a small NY publishing house. In the years since, significant life changes and personal growth have led me away from fiction—but maybe not forever.

I contributed to Women Unplugged for a few years, writing about life and motherhood and more.

An Army of Ermas, offered in the vein of revered author Erma Bombeck, used a handful of my humor essays. This website has been retired.

I contributed blog posts to Rose & Thorn Literary Journal, retired after a ten-year run, as well as edited many prose features for them.

Please note: In some places you’ll see me listed with a different surname.

PR & Public Speaking

Current – Public relations officer for two district fine arts boards.

May 2022 – LGBTQ+ awareness and affirmation training for team of volunteer educators.
May 2022 – Panelist for discussion re: how to provide compassionate, empathetic care for our LGBTQ+ community. Facilitated by Children’s Mercy, Kansas City.
May 2022 – LGBTQ+ awareness and affirmation trainer for a nonprofit agency’s staff and partners.

November 2021 – LGBTQ+ awareness and affirmation trainer for a nonprofit advisory council.

October 2021 – LGBTQ+ awareness and affirmation trainer for nonprofit service providers’ conference.
October 2021 – LGBTQ+ awareness and affirmation trainer for board retreat.

July 2021 – Guest on the SAGE Community Podcast Show (episode 23, Spotify). Hosted by SAGE founder, Erin. We discussed what domestic abuse looks like, how survivors need to tackle their healing with patience, some special tools that help, and more.

June 2021 – Presentation in support of the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (MONA) to the Northwest delegation of Missouri’s SHL.

October 2020 – LGBTQ+ awareness and affirmation trainer for administrators’ retreat.