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Guided Journals

Survivors are prompted to use this paperback journal to self-affirm dating readiness and record romantic encounters. By venting triggers, and sharing failures and successes, you will establish the standards needed to carry you into future healthy relationships, and through free writing create a personal authoritative rulebook of boundaries for a stable, empowered life.

This 100-page 6×9 paperback is now available from Amazon.

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Part guide and part journal, this workbook’s title exercise — writing love letters to oneself — is accompanied by inspirational quotes, prompts for acts of self-love, and built-in tools for measuring one’s progress. Survivors, start when you’re ready then revisit and write again once a month for a year.

This 28-page 8.5×11 paperback is now available from Amazon.

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This journal was designed for survivors who must, by law, coparent with their abuser, who uses the binding agreement to perpetuate control and psychological warfare through post-separation abuse. While the framework is provided, this notebook is for free writing. Its lined pages are intended as a safe place to vent, purge, plan, emote, document, validate, and write through the challenges of shared custody.

Now available from Amazon is this 100-page, 8.5×11 paperback.

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