2017-03-24 15.06.46Hi, I’m Janna. Welcome to my cozy home base on the web. Please feel free to have a look around. In the meantime, here’s my gist.

I’m a resume writer and job readiness coach, specializing in assistance to women who are starting over or looking for change, and seeking their best life.

Why? Well, I’ve been writing and editing in various freelance and professional capacities for about fifteen years, and fell into the resume niche a few years ago. Since then, and after building a significant client base by word of mouth, my services have taken clearer shape to focus on women, their worth, and their potential.

This happens to complement another passion of mine, which is advocating for abused women. Because we and our loved ones deserve better than what national and worldwide statistics illustrate, I educate about abuse patterns, call for greater awareness, and share messages of hope and empowerment.

So, fair question, what makes me an expert with any of this? It’s not just that I’ve been working toward this career for years, but there’s a lot of personal history which backs my efforts, too. My story includes having been married to a malignant abuser for more than ten years. But now? I’m six years post-divorce. I’ve lived it, studied it, healed from it, empowered myself and built a new life beyond it, and find it absolutely necessary to help other women. I do so through my freelance, and by volunteering at a local women’s shelter, where I’m put to direct, tangible use.

The resumes and job coaching then, along with my other projects, are to help women identify their worth, and find the confidence to claim what they deserve.

On a less business-y note, I’m obsessed with books and I adore semantics. I raise two girls and I (still) learn what it means to be me. I feel anxiety and I remember to breathe. I sometimes date and I hate it. I live with humor and I live with heart.

But most of all, as my website name indicates, I’m determined — not just for myself, but for other women. This is the parent branding and concept behind all I do, and it speaks to what drives me every day.

Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes in all your endeavors.

“How often do you find that rare combination of razor-sharp skill, consistency, and strong work ethic wrapped up in a winning personality? Janna Leadbetter is truly an asset to the creative community.”

Kathryn Magendie, editor & novelist, www.kathrynmagendie.com

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