2017-03-24 15.06.46Hi, I’m Janna. Welcome to my website.

I’m a single mom, advocate, messenger, and writer. I’m an attentive ear, a survivor connection, and a champion of all women, but especially those who have been in an abusive relationship.

Woman, Determined is the brand, an approach, a conviction borne of both my personal history and professional experiences. I’m determined not only to live my own life with self-confidence and empowerment, but to help other women understand their worth and claim their potential, whether in life or in career.

The menu navigates to pages devoted to some of my work, past and present, like resume services, freelance writing and editing, and advocacy for abused women. Please have a look around, and let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.

My topical blog aims to educate about abusive behaviors and their patterns, statistics, and outcomes, so that women might learn to recognize the red flags, identify their reality, and find hope with the means to take steps toward a better, healthier life.

You’ll also find me on social media, the links for which are in the side bar.

Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes in all your endeavors.


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  1. Lisa Brack says:

    I’m a survivor of a narcristis abuse put up with it for 16 years till July of 2016 when narc was with his supply behind by back and why he’s not doing to her what he did to me I’m a mess

    1. Janna says:

      Lisa, thank you for visiting and for commenting. I hear you, and I want you to know you are not alone.

      Please, do not get caught up in the damaging cycle of thinking he treats her better. It’s all a facade. It’s a game and he’s playing it on purpose.

      A narcissist will do everything in his power to make you believe he has found someone he adores, and that it’s someone who deserves to be treated better than he treated you. Don’t fall for it! He will intentionally do FOR her the things he didn’t do for you, because he knows that is hurtful. Likewise, he will not do TO her the same things he did to you. He can’t give up the ruse that his treatment toward you was all your fault and that you deserved it, so he’s going to keep going. But know that for every thing he does with her that seems loving and respectful, he is denying and abusing her in another way. She probably has no clue. If she isn’t living the same hell you did yet, she will be soon. Please try to focus on your health and healing, and find some comfort in the fact that YOU aren’t his supply anymore.

      1. Lisa Brack says:

        Thank you for those words I’m trying to heal I’m in therapy I’m reading self healing books. And one of my goals in life is to help others like me hopefully help educate them on narcissist abuse I’m watching supply and I see me it makes me sick its like watching my own movie of my life with him I also want to work at are domestic violence shelter in my home town I want to do the crisis line these people there saved my life I wanted to kill myself I want to help others know there worth and value my therapist said first I have to heal I have to learn to love myself learn to be happy I’ve never been happy I don’t think I’ve always been with abusive men my whole life bitch will heal and I’m learning red flags on narc and I’m learning boundaries how to set them I’m. Going to read everything I can on what a narc is and how they became one and I’m taking time to get to know me again and get healed so that maybe son day I can have a healthy relationship with a good man I just hope it doesn’t take to long I’m not getting any younger I’m 50 trying to start over I wish I would have got help when I was younger maybe I wouldn’t be where I’m at now if I can ever help anyone that will make my life complete

      2. Janna says:

        It’s never too late to start over, heal, and learn your worth, then find happiness. You’re on the right path, Lisa.

        Two books I highly recommend:

        Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men by Lundy Bancroft

        Psychopath Free by Jackson MacKenzie

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