Token of Strength

Rocks are resilient and virtually unbreakable.

The Gray Rock Method is a practice of manifesting strength against the manipulation and abuse tactics meant to engage you. How? You act like a gray rock: uninteresting and nonresponsive. This is how you defer attack and begin to take your power back.

The Token of Strength is handmade using a real granite piece and natural jute.

Carry it in your purse.

Hang it from a door knob, or your rearview mirror.

Use it as decor or tuck it somewhere private.

Let this pendant remind you of your strength through the storms you’ve already faced, while it encourages you to hold firm in the challenges yet ahead.

To order your Token of Strength, send $10.00 to through PayPal or @womandetermined at Venmo. You’ll receive a manual order confirmation and estimated delivery message as soon as possible.

*At this time, sales are processed for only the continental United States. Thank you for understanding.