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Triggers in the Wild

It happened again last night. I saw someone from Our Story out of context. We were at a community event, both my kids and me. A man passed by and he looked familiar. Something about the dark hair and glasses. My eyes kept wandering… Continue Reading “Triggers in the Wild”

How Guardians Ad Litem Contribute to Our Failing Family Courts System

My story I can’t prove it, but our court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem lied to my kids. For literal months he met with them, listened to their plight, and validated their concerns. He promised he’d do what they asked, to speak out in their defense,… Continue Reading “How Guardians Ad Litem Contribute to Our Failing Family Courts System”

Co-Parenting Judgment

A woman who leaves abuse and then still has to share custody of her children with that abuser has a hard road. So hard. She is expected by society to play nice, be amicable, put her “ego” aside, and unite with her dangerous ex… Continue Reading “Co-Parenting Judgment”