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Why Volunteerism is a Powerful Healing Tool

Do you volunteer? Because I’d like to make the case for adding volunteerism to your arsenal of healing weapons. And here’s why. You make new friends.You gain new skills.You create a difference.You expand your passions. And most important, I think, is that you begin… Continue Reading “Why Volunteerism is a Powerful Healing Tool”

What Other People Think

It doesn’t matter what the person who abused you thinks. It doesn’t matter what their enablers think. Or what the people with whom you have a personality conflict. Your bully boss, the manipulative friend. That new person you’re dating—don’t start that connection by caring… Continue Reading “What Other People Think”

Selfies as Self-Worth

Let’s talk about self-image. How comfortable are you taking pictures of yourself? What do you think when you look at you? Does your abuser’s voice still narrate your perception of self? This is me in 2014. I had been divorced a few years already,… Continue Reading “Selfies as Self-Worth”