This is Lesson #1 in Healing

The #1 lesson I’ve learned in my personal journey is that it doesn’t matter what other people think of you.

The journey for any survivor of abuse is in learning your self-worth, and building your self-confidence so as to be unshakable. This is to heal the existing wounds AND protect oneself in the future.

But the journey is also about coming to terms with the fact that life is never going to be void of conflicting personalities and people who’ll do you wrong. Until we understand this, we are vulnerable to others.

Because there will always be someone who misunderstands you,
takes advantage
or manipulates your relationship,
someone who vilifies you,
who spreads (or believes) rumors about you,
someone who plays your victim,
or tries to ruin the way others see you
or tries to ruffle your feathers because, ultimately,
they’re threatened or intimidated by you
and have to make you feel small so they can believe they are big.

We can’t change them. Trying to combat their behaviors is a waste of energy. They and their low vibrations aren’t worth it, and don’t serve our best life.

Once we understand this, and refuse to let others affect how we view ourselves and our truths, we are strong.

And we’ve won the lesson, not just learned it.

“What an interesting little prison we build from the invisible bricks of other people’s opinions.” — Jacob Nordby

I’ve lived in that prison. I’m not going back.

What about you?

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