You Have More Worth in the Underside of Your Little Toe Than Your Abuser Does in Their Whole Body


Because you’re the real one.

You’re the one who cares about others.

You’re the one with emotional intelligence.

You’re the one with legitimate goals and ambitions.

You’re the one willing to reflect and self-assess.

You’re the one who strives to be better.

You’re the one who would never abuse someone else.

Your worth is rooted and authentic. Your abuser knew this on some level, that’s why they picked you for a victim. They pretend, and they’re excellent at pretending, but they don’t have worth like you do. It’s why they have to put you down, make you feel small, and do everything they can to control you. Because that’s the only thing they have to help them feel worthy (in their own flawed system of assessment).

Even then, it’s only a feeling of worth and it’s hollow, short-lived, and so, so pathetic.

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