Summer Anniversary

Ten years ago I moved out, filed for divorce, and started over.

In those ten years I have:

fought for myself
been challenged
found my real self
been consumed by doubt
helped other women
set boundaries
done a lot of things by myself for the first time ever
held onto hope
networked with other survivors
changed career paths (more than once)
hated others
been hated by others
been lied about in court and all around
dated and learned
stressed about my finances
gone into debt
(mostly) figured out my finances
thrown countless pity parties
forgiven myself
learned how good it feels to cuss
used sleep as therapy
tried new things
remained single
made enemies
raised two strong kids
moved three times
dissected abuse and its parts
shared because I will not be silenced
or pretend nothing happened
or that it was my fault
or put the comfort level of someone who doesn’t deserve it before my own

Ten years ago I didn’t know much, other than that I deserved better than what I’d experienced in my marriage. I didn’t know how to define what I’d been through, or what I was capable of. And if you’d told me I’d find myself here, healthy and happy a full decade later, the confusion and despair and heart pain and anxiety would have made me believe otherwise. But in those ten years I have survived and thrived.

You will, too. You’re already doing it!

Photo Credit to Janna Leadbetter

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