Throw Meatloaf, Not Axes

You know those ax throwing places? Hear me out.

It’s like that except only for DV survivors, and it’s a three-parter…

Room 1 is filled with quiet, kind chefs who walk you through a recipe, from selection to completion. You take pictures of your masterpiece then savor a few bites before you enter…

Room 2, where a blown up photo of your abuser’s face is plastered to the target. After some deep breathing and (optional) yelling, you start slinging chunks of your perfect meatloaf at that face until it’s all gone, all smeared, all used up and unrecognizable. That’s when you visit the final part…

Room 3 is occupied by a group of warm grandparents who coo soft words about what you just experienced, praise your recipe, and embrace you until you don’t need embraced anymore.

And this is my proposal for how we start to build kitchen confidence in domestic abuse survivors.

One meatloaf at a time.

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