Change Anyway, Survivor

THEM: “You’ve changed.”

YOU: “I had to. Can’t you see?”

Not everyone’s going to understand or support the transformation that’s required of your hurting and healing journey.

Change anyway.

Some will think that when you finally start expressing your opinion, you’re being argumentative.

Be opinionated anyway.

Some will believe that your new signs of independence mean you’re selfish and self-absorbed.

Be independent anyway.

Some will get mad when you assert boundaries, because they benefitted from your lack of them before.

Assert them anyway.

Some don’t like it when you start doing, behaving, being differently.

Break all your unhealthy patterns anyway.

Some assume you’re incapable of making your own decisions.

Make them anyway.

Some will get offended when you tell them “no,” because they think it’s about them.

Say “no” for yourself.

Learn. Grow. Change. Evolve. Find enlightenment. Love and protect yourself.

You deserve it.

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