Why I Made PB Bread

I’ve read that during the Great Depression, women made peanut butter bread because, when so many baking supplies were lacking, they usually had the few needed and shelf-stable ingredients on hand.

Tonight I’ve made peanut butter bread because the whim hit,

and I had the few needed ingredients on hand,

my son said, “Yes, please, that sounds good,”


because I have built a home of my own, a safe space, both cozy and peace-filled, where no one tells me what to do or who I am… or criticizes my efforts in the kitchen.

Tonight I’ve made peanut butter bread because, simply, I wanted to

and no one can stop me.

Everything hits different when you’re a survivor of domestic abuse, doesn’t it?

What you do

when you do it

why you do it

and not only how you do it, but how you feel because you do it

in freedom.

I wish you freedom tonight, in whatever form that takes for you.

Because you deserve it.

Janna đź’ś

I used this recipe from Sprinkle Bakes.

2 Comments on “Why I Made PB Bread

  1. I never heard of peanut butter bread, but I will try it. I played around with beer bread during the shut-down in 2020 because I had beer which I was not going to drink.

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