You Are Enough

Three simple words.

Many people blow right by them; the phrase doesn’t even register.

Those are the people who have never questioned their worth. They don’t carry a deficit in validation. They weren’t devalued, over and over again, by someone who was supposed to love and guard and lift them.

But to a survivor of domestic abuse, these three simple words are balm on the tattered heart.

And they’re just the beginning.

Here are more words, just for you.

> you, already, are everything you need to be

> you are 100% lovable, just as you are right now

> you did nothing — lacked in no way — to deserve the abuse

> you have more potential than you are capable of grasping

> you are invaluable to the people who deserve you

> you don’t need anyone’s approval to exist

> you are allowed to dismiss anyone who disagrees

> you are the only one who determines your worth

Guess why?

You know the answer. Even if you can’t see it yet, or are still trying it on for size, it’s right there hiding in the shadows and waiting for the warmth of light.

It’s because you are enough.

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