Where is the Good When You Need It?

It’s okay to set aside suffering and relish simple happiness.

Right now so many things feel torn apart and it’s a burden on the feelers among us.

Where I am, in the United States, conservative leaders are attacking our LGBTQ youth, especially those who are transgender. The hate and refusal to affirm our precious kids enrages me, and it equally hurts my heart.

Then, of course, we’ve got what’s happening in Ukraine. 😓

There’s still so much divide over the pandemic, worldwide,

and humans everywhere carry overflowing hostility.

It’s too much to deal with, beyond the already heavy scope of hurting and healing from abuse.

That’s why we need the reminder that it’s okay to lay down the burden(s) and find whatever happiness abounds.

I’m a simple woman. Easy to please, too.

I’m downright GIDDY that it’s Friday, and another week at my day job is ending.

I’ll be riding solo tonight, sans kids, and my plans include comfy pants, hibernating with my special needs chihuahua, THREE new Law & Order episodes from last night’s broadcasts, Mexican food for dinner, and possibly some margaritas, too.

It feels guilty to be this contented, you know?

But what the hell is all our suffering for if we can’t find the good when we need it, when it’s right here in front of us?

One MUST balance the other. That’s what this whole existence is about.

What happiness abounds for you today?

Tell me your thoughts:

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