Which Half of the Equation Needs to Be Fixed?

So it’s ALWAYS going to be in a survivor’s best interest to learn how to heal and create a new life for herself after abuse. That’s how she gets her power back. Moving on is “revenge.”

But survivors need outspoken and aggressive allies, too. People who do more than offer a shoulder or an ear, who do more than suggest therapy and self-help and self-love.

Survivors need people who get angry about how they were treated right along with them, and who refuse to accept abusive behaviors, let alone sweep them under the rug or pretend they don’t exist.

Survivors need allies who understand which part of the abuser/victim equation needs fixed. Because it’s only by holding an abuser accountable, calling him out, giving him consequence, and showing him he will not be tolerated that the broad landscape of domestic abuse will be changed.

So when will it be enough? When will you get mad?

Tell me your thoughts:

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