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Spring Lessons from Long Ago

The weather is beautiful where I live today. Spring is on its way. It reminds me of a time, years ago, when I was still married and my firstborn was around two. My then-husband and I flew with her to Florida for an extended… Continue Reading “Spring Lessons from Long Ago”

You’re Doing Great, Survivor Mama

This coparenting-with-your-abuser thing is probably the gnarliest, most all-consuming challenge of your life. But I want you to know it’s not a competition. Your abuser is behaving as though it is, but it’s not. Let them carry on in such a way. You can… Continue Reading “You’re Doing Great, Survivor Mama”

Where is the Good When You Need It?

It’s okay to set aside suffering and relish simple happiness. Right now so many things feel torn apart and it’s a burden on the feelers among us. Where I am, in the United States, conservative leaders are attacking our LGBTQ youth, especially those who… Continue Reading “Where is the Good When You Need It?”

For Less Than a Combo Meal

You’re going to think I’m sharing this for a pat on the back, but I promise I’m not. I’m sharing so that you know how close to home it hits, and that if it’s where you are, I know right along with you —… Continue Reading “For Less Than a Combo Meal”

Single Survivor, I See You

A note for Valentine’s Day Whether you’re newly solo, or it’s already been a long journey on your own. Whether you still hurt more than you’ve healed, or if the healing finally makes it hurt less. Whether you’ve sworn off romantic relationships, or look… Continue Reading “Single Survivor, I See You”

Why Your Abuser Isn’t Moving On

They’re running from the truth I was chatting with two survivor friends this morning, and I mentioned that what we (usually) get right after abusive relationships is actually taking the time to process and learn and heal. Conversely, the ones who did the damage… Continue Reading “Why Your Abuser Isn’t Moving On”

How Guardians Ad Litem Contribute to Our Failing Family Courts System

My story I can’t prove it, but our court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem lied to my kids. For literal months he met with them, listened to their plight, and validated their concerns. He promised he’d do what they asked, to speak out in their defense,… Continue Reading “How Guardians Ad Litem Contribute to Our Failing Family Courts System”

Child Support, Yes or No?

A controversial opinion He informed me early on that he wouldn’t provide child support.  His “logic” was that I was working, too, and that I was making as much money as he was. Support was moot, he said. What he conveniently ignored was that… Continue Reading “Child Support, Yes or No?”

Empowerment Tools Just for You

Did you know I’ve created some empowerment tools with you in mind? They took root as I’ve monitored my own journey, and begun to advocate for others. Pictured are two new journals, both available through Amazon. Self-Love Letters is an 8.5×11 workbook for any… Continue Reading “Empowerment Tools Just for You”

The Sacrifice of Starting Over

I waited more than six years for the bedroom you see here. 2,238 nights, to be exact. That’s how many nights I slept on the futon in our living room. When my two kids and I moved into a small duplex, our current home,… Continue Reading “The Sacrifice of Starting Over”