NOW AVAILABLE! Get your DIY booklet today.

While many have hired me to do their resume for them, others hesitate to pay my professional fee or relinquish control over something they want to keep close to their vest. Still, they may not know how to get started, what wording will sound strongest and look best, or what design to use. If this is you, too, you know it can be overwhelming for one who doesn’t specialize in such things. That’s why I decided to create a road map and offer it as a PDF. This way you pay less than if you commission my full services, and retain control over your project, but also get my experienced guidance.

So, we’ll look at my template, and then I’ll walk you through my specially-designed format and proven technique while explaining my reasons of approach, which will help you create your own resume. When you’re done, you’ll feel confident about the way you look on paper, and be armed with significant potential as you move forward in the job-seeking process. My methods can’t guarantee you’ll get a job offer, of course, but it’s a step in the right direction. You mustn’t underestimate the power of a strong, solid resume.

Message me today (jannawrites at gmail dot com) to request your 12-page full-color booklet (PDF format only—for now) for only $20! Or, as always, I’ll take the task from your hands and do your resume for you. My *current* fee is $60.

**First Edition, copyright 2017

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