Workplace abuse is all-too common. That doesn’t mean you have to keep your head down and take it.

You deserve a healthy working environment as much as you deserve a healthy relationship.

You should want to THRIVE at your job, not merely survive it day by day. I can help.

My process is pretty straight forward. I gather any existing resume(s) you have and spend a little time analyzing everything. As I build the new resume, it’s as much about overall design/formatting as it is strengthening your experiences and what you offer through specific composition that is customized for you.

Email me at to get started.

Here’s what a few of my clients have said:

“Janna’s work is quick, clean and accurate. But more than that, she really cares about her customer’s experience. The resume she built for me is professional and easy to read, and I’m so much more confident in my job search now thanks to her!” — Elizabeth, New Jersey

“Janna does excellent work.” — Julie, Daviess County

“Janna was spot on with everything [in my resume], thank you, thank you, thank you!” — Sara, Platte City

“I appreciated her casual and understanding approach.” — anonymous, Nebraska

“I have miles to go [with my job search] but with Janna’s help I feel that I have a good start. I thank her for being a part of that.” — R., Parkville

“[A prospective employer] commented on how great the resume is, and said, ‘I want to interview you right now.'” — J., Rural Missouri

“Janna was professional and thorough, and went above and beyond to help me transition into a new career. I would recommend her services to anyone!” — Nicole, Kansas City

“This resume is f*cking awesome!” — Jennifer, California