New Survivors Are Prey for Other Abusers

Here’s another reason we MUST bring ourselves to a secure place after abuse.

It’s hard to admit but we are vulnerable at first. We have been denied so much, for a long time, and we desperately want what we never had but are learning we’re worthy of.

Enter the hunters. The chameleons and manipulators. The love bombers.

Narcissists prey on vulnerable women, and we are more likely to fall into another abusive relationship if we have not done the work to learn red flags, define and uphold our boundaries, make our standards priority, and repair our emotions and expectations.

“When con man Derek Alldred showed up in the life of the women he dated, he promised them everything: love, rescue, comfort. And women, taking him at face value, fell for the act.”

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 11.32.12 AM - Edited

Click the image to read Oxygen’s full article about Alldred and his M.O. when it came to vulnerable women.

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