What Does Your Abuser Look Like?

“He was active at church.

We lived at a private lake, owned waterfront property, and always had a boat and toys.

He was self-employed.

He was a steward and Samaritan.

He had a lot of acquaintances and connections.

We traveled a lot.

He made things look good.

Black and White Silhouette Motivational Quotes Facebook Cover

His true behavior was anything but Christian.

Our home life was cold, toxic, without love.

He was dishonest with customers, skirted the law, and owed tens of thousands of dollars in unresolved debt.

His ‘good works’ were driven by ego.

His circle of real friends numbered few, because he’d burned so many bridges, and because he couldn’t have an honest, intimate relationship.

We took trips while responsibilities were ignored.

But he made things look good.”

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