SUBMISSIONS WANTED: Survivor Snapshots

Send a photo of yourself. Just your hands or hair, a foot or something fun. An inanimate object. Get creative, all I ask is that your face isn’t revealed from the front or in full.

Along with the photo, submit your story. A paragraph, two, however much space you need to share what you’ve been through and how you’re doing. Tell us whatever you need to say.

I’d like to share your stories here on my website, and on my Facebook advocacy page, Breaking the Silence for Women. It’s through our stories that we learn and heal, because survivor connection is powerful.

Submit through my page’s inbox, or by email to jannawrites AT gmail. Let me know how you’d like to be identified if/when I publish your Survivor Snapshot. (ie. “Janna from Missouri” or “JD in the Midwest”)

Thank you in advance for helping bring clarity to some, and hope for others.

Tell me your thoughts:

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