I Am Determined…

2017-07-29 15.32.29to look in the mirror and go easy on myself, and see my beauty.

(Rather than be disappointed by the blemishes, the too-large pores, the eyebrows that “need” tweaked, the chin under my chin, the hair that has lost its body.)

to look down at my shell and love it unconditionally.

(Rather than feel disgust over the large, dark mole on pale skin, the thighs that aren’t as firm as they used to be, the extra and untoned flesh.)

to listen to my heart and mind, and to my own opinions and underlying morals.

(Instead of the voices of others, past and present, who have done me wrong or would be too toxic.)

to believe in the abilities I’ve already proven.

(Instead of second-guess them like always.)

to honor my experiences, especially the hard ones, since they are what got me into this skin I wear today.

(I shouldn’t resent them and harbor bitterness.)

to recognize my strength, and know that it is hard-won, which means something significant.

(No more focusing on the weaknesses and struggle I had to live through to get here.)

to have faith in where I’m going, since life has already taught the lesson that nothing can stop me.

(Self-doubt will only freeze me.)

to love.

(Not fear.)

to be determined.

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