Consent Before Submission



It’s possible a woman who believes this is being brainwashed, treated as an object and servant, and her own thoughts and needs are completely dismissed and disrespected. A man who leads his wife to believe this, for his own benefit, is controlling and disgusting. Read on…

There could be valid reasons a wife doesn’t “feel” like being intimate. She’s ill. She’s just worked a 14-hour day. Her father died and she is grieving. Her husband beat her up two hours ago. He’s been giving her the cold shoulder for three days for some imagined slight, and now, making no amends and taking no accountability for his own actions, it’s her job to please him. And on. Where is the husband’s understanding of her needs? What’s he doing as a partner to put her first?

Certainly we are not seeing the other side of this. Is it a healthy, happy relationship? If so, then sure, EACH should choose at times to put their mate’s needs before their own, and maybe sometimes that means a woman will be intimate when it’s the last thing on her mind. But we’re not talking about submission here. We’re not talking about a woman having to do what a man demands every time he demands it, no questions asked, no thoughts or desires of her own.

It’s up to the two to find mutual consent and come to agreement about when and where and why intimacy happens. But no shaming should ever come from either side—plus using scripture to do so??—and certainly not from a third party, like here from “The Transformed Wife.” I read this and all I can think is “The Abused Wife.”

Tell me your thoughts:

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