Website Makeover and Blog Re-do

This post is for the readers who are subscribed by email, or who view my individual posts from the WordPress reader…

You may not have been to my actual blog — or the website that houses it — in quite some time. So, I wanted to let you know things are changing! All for the better.

I’ve redesigned my website, not just in layout, but in focus. Instead of a general hodge podge (few can make that work, anyway), I’m refocusing on women, their worth, and their potential. Sound like something you want to know more about? Come have a look around. I’ve got lots of new projects established or in the works, and more than not, they support and encourage women.

Because of some recent re-branding, as well as a desire to see growth with my freelance work, I’ve also made adjustments to the blog and its posts. Gone are the random life observations and anecdotes. I’ll be saving those for my personal social media pages. Instead, my blog will be topical and related to my areas of expertise: resume services and job readiness coaching, and advocacy—because I seek to help women identify their worth and claim their potential. My professional social media sites will now be better-tailored and devoted to these niches, as well. Curious? Come see.

It’s not my goal to alienate anyone, but rather to tighten my niche and streamline my focus. I appreciate your support!

Thanks. | Janna

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