Could Feminism Erase Abuse Toward Women?

Truth: Things like belief in rigid gender roles and negative views toward women can be precursors to and are warning signs of domestic abuse. Until there is a wider understanding that women are just as competent, just as valuable, the abuse cycles and disturbing statistics of our society (of our world!) will continue.

This doesn’t mean one has to embrace the title “feminist,” nor that there has to be some broad-sweeping movement in the name of feminism. But it does mean we need to leave our preconceived notions and long-held thoughts (even the subconscious ones) at the door, take a deeper look, and make sure we ourselves, no matter our gender, are not passively supporting the behaviors and belief systems that pigeonhole women into submissive and deferential roles, as “less than” in any way.

We have opinions, we have feelings, we are strong, we are decision-makers, we are world-changers — and the second room is created for any of that to be dismissed, we lose ground and toe the line of mistreatment toward women, whether in the home, in the workplace, in the church, etc., etc. Mistreatment doesn’t always equate what we think of as abuse, but the line blurs so easily, and it takes only a moment.

So, daring statement in conclusion here: Widespread feminism (as defined by Mayim below — and with the warning signs I listed above kept in mind) could make a blazing difference in how women are treated and, absolutely, bring an end to cycles of abuse.

As posted by Bialik on Facebook, 4/9/17. /screenshot


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