‘Anyone Can Be an Abuser’ – NNEDV

It’s so true. Not only is the abuser an expert with smoke and mirrors, with a well-crafted and usually long-preserved facade, but the one being abused — because of malignant manipulation and conditioning — is also pretty adept at keeping up pretenses and pretending life is good (even to him- or herself).


How? Social media posts that highlight only happiness and success. Anecdotes to friends and family that leave out the worst of truths. Assimilation into the community and/or a church family, with behavior that is intentionally presented as morality, peace, false humility, as though there could never be any serious wrongdoing.

But to be educated about statistics and the realities in our homes, in too many homes, we must let go of preconceived notions. We must take a naked look at those around us, without turning a blind eye just because everything looks peachy on the surface-level.

We’re smarter than this! We must believe the victim when he or she finally “wakes up,” begins to disconnect from his/her abuser, and seeks help. This is really important in changing the abusive environments around us. We can’t let ourselves continue to be fooled.

#endabuse #TheNationalNetworktoEndDomesticViolence #NNEDV

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