October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

“Violence” implies a physical attack, but there are others types of abuse, just as harmful, just as terrible. And even if you’ve only been hit by your spouse once, I’d wager to say another abuse is present in your home.

NONE of it is okay. It’s NOT your fault. You DO deserve better. And you CAN get out, heal yourself, and move on. Please believe me. If you’re the victim of any kind of abuse — even if you’re not sure but you know something isn’t right — find someone to talk to. A loved one. Someone you trust. Call an anonymous hotline.


You can find your way, and this is true all the time, but October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and so thus my post now. This is really, really important.

Here’s a resource that looks like a decent starting point, if nothing else: http://nnedv.org/getinvolved/dvam.html.


2 comments on “October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month”
  1. I have tried so many times to get away or ask for help. Not all those who you reach out to, believe you or support you. Which then makes it so difficult to trust someone else in asking for help. I wish it could be easier.

    1. Janna Donn says:

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience here.

      I wish I had some key piece of advice for you. Have you tried reaching out to a local-to-you organization that is staffed by credible, experienced professionals?

      What matters most is your truth. If people don’t believe, if there is doubt, that’s on them not you. Your truth is what you have to listen to and follow to a better place. I know they’re only words, but I wish you the best! There’s an email form on my contact page if you’d like to speak more privately. I can offer an ear.

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