Sunday Religion

I went for a long walk today, mid-morning in the brisk fall atmosphere, during which time many folks were in church. That fact was not lost on me.

Rather, these are convictions which, as a result of that fact, came to settle in my mind:

The world is my church

I commune with its people, every day (in ways that are appropriate for my introverted personality)

The spirit of nature, the outdoors, the Universe, its ever-present message, is my sermon (I need only pay attention)


Life lessons and introspection are my doctrine

I don peace and awareness as my Sunday best (only every day)

I am guided by the quiet voice of God, and He accepts my quiet, reserved reverence in return — neither pomp nor circumstance required

What I believe about Jesus is my prerogative 

I am spiritually healthy

And I don’t need a special house of worship, a denomination, a set of enforced-by-man rules, or cluster of (mostly well-meaning) believers for any of the above to be any truer…

As my walk came to an end I held my face to the sky, eyes wide open. Heart wide open. A tree let go just then, and one of its sprays of harvest-hued leaves rained down around me.



My Sunday religion.

(Side Note: Some of my “best” inspired thinking comes about while out walking. If you’ve read very many of my posts, you may have seen an unintentional theme… I could well have named this blog Woman, Walking.)

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