Borrowing Words / about christianity

Every once in awhile something comes along, a thing someone else has written, and it hits you so deep you feel you could have written it (and wish you had). But because you didn’t, the most you can do is borrow it. Put it out there for others, too.

Benjamin Sledge is a communicator, writer, speaker, and pastor who expresses clearly and passionately thoughts I’ve had and conclusions I myself have come to. And I’ve paid attention to the world around me enough to know Pastor Sledge and I are not alone.

His essay, Why I’m a Christian (and Continue to Suck at Being One), is raw, pointed, honest, profound.

Read it HERE.

Polite Suggestion: If you chafe easily when it comes to Christianity, don’t click through.

One More: Be well. Be blessed.

(Okay, that was two.)

Tell me your thoughts:

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