Narcissism For a Cause

We’re so into ourselves these days. Truly, our culture at this very moment is so focused on the individual that we really think people care. Take facebook, for example, we post every little detail about our relationship status on facebook. Do people really care? Well, the answer is no. People press the “like” button all willey nilley. It doesn’t mean much.

What’s interesting is when self-esteem and self-indulgence cross paths…in a positive way. Like this Dove video:

Now, I’m not one to throw my full support behind Dove. They certainly are making strides towards a more honest image of women in the media, even if it’s not entirely there yet. But this selfie campaign reminded me how current culture can be used in a positive way to change our minds. Perhaps if we are more inclusive in our definition of beauty, then more girls will grow up with a positive self-image?

weather or not – what’s your excuse not to move?

The weather seems to be a good excuse for inactivity. When I lived in Southern Arizona, summers were simply to hot to do anything outdoors. Now, with the polar vortex upon us, it’s just too cold to do anything outside. Seriously, it’s true. And, while that may be an excuse not to be active outside – it’s certainly not a good justification to do nothing.

In many of my graduate school classes, we talk about the idea that something is better than nothing. Certainly, there is some merit to it. Taking the stairs, parking your car further away from the front door, walking to run errands in your neighborhood. These are all great ideas for staying active throughout the day. But, I’m calling bullshit. Personally, I’ve never seen the scale budge just because I decided to go up a few stairs one day a week. It’s these habits all together over the course of a LONG time that can add up…I’m talking months, people.

interval workout woman determined

However, I think the point in all that taking the stairs chatter is that you feel better. Mentally. Fitness is about so much more than how we look, even though that’s often the easiest thing to focus on. So, simply put, I feel better when I move. I try to make it at least 30 minutes everyday, but some days it’s a little less or a little more. Today, I busted out this bad boy. I’m not a personal trainer. I don’t have my own private gym – or even a public gym membership. I do what I can in a tiny 8×4 foot space. ┬áHonestly, you can do this, too. If your knees hurt, walk in place or shuffle. Just get moving, even a little bit at first!